Digitally enabled
patient-centred care

We empower patient-centred care and deliver powerful research insights through digital innovation.

Digitally enabled
patient-centered care

Patient-centred care

Our specialist remote monitoring platform supports right-time, right-place care, improving patient prioritisation and empowering better outcomes.

Early identification of complications

For rapid triage, early management and better patient outcomes

Reduce hospitalisations & clinic visits

Releasing capacity for better patient prioritisation

Improve healthcare access

Removes the burden of clinic attendance

Empower self-care

Improves symptom control and patient reassurance

Powerful research insights

Our specialised platform for digital endpoint collection provides novel insights and accelerates delivery of outcomes in respiratory research.

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“Since using the app, definitely I’m more in control and sure isn’t that a great thing.”

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Digital innovation

We’re revolutionising living with illness, through innovation in digital care.

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