What we do


Our platform enables patient-centred care of asthma, particularly for those who are at high risk of future adverse outcomes. It also provides a single solution for multiple endpoint data collection in real world, decentralised or hybrid trial designs.

Optimise disease control

Real-time, high frequency monitoring across multiple endpoints aids identification of severe versus uncontrolled asthma and supports clinical decision making.

Reduce hospitalisation

Aids early identification of exacerbations, and facilitates early patient discharge post-event.

access to medication

Assess treatment response

Monitor treatment adherence, efficacy and tolerability remotely and in real-time, ensuring appropriate use of high cost therapies.

Improve care access

More than self-monitoring, for data-enabled virtual consultations and rapid management of potential complications.

Main features

More than just peak flow

Remote monitoring of spirometry, patient-reported outcomes (e.g. ACT), symptoms, treatment adherence, activity and so much more.

end point strategy consultations

Automated alerting

For rapid identification of exacerbations or other complications.

High patient engagement

Median adherence to daily monitoring of 77%, with 97% of patients completing their self-monitoring session within 2 minutes.

Integrated spirometry quality validation

For confident clinical decision-making and definitive research findings.