What we do


Whether it’s for monitoring following an acute exacerbation or for chronic disease management, our platform is specifically designed to empower patient-centred care of people with COPD. It also provides a single solution for multiple endpoint data collection in decentralised or hybrid trial designs.

Reduce hospitalisation

Facilitates early discharge or admission avoidance, helping patients stay in their own homes.

Early identification of exacerbations

Aids earlier identification of COPD exacerbations enabling rapid intervention.

patient centered care

Improve disease management

Empower self care and symptom management, with clinically meaningful improvements in symptom scores.

Main features

More than just lung function

Remote monitoring of spirometry, oximetry, and dyspnoea, but also patient-reported outcomes, symptoms, activity, supplemental oxygen use, weight and so much more.

end point strategy consultations

Automated alerting

For rapid identification of exacerbations or other complications.

Exercise tolerance testing

Our inbuilt 1MSTS protocol facilitates remote assessment and virtual pulmonary rehabilitation.

Integrated spirometry quality validation

For confident clinical decision-making and definitive research findings.