What we do

Digital companion app

Our digital healthcare platform and data expertise provides pharmaceutical industry professionals with innovative solutions and novel insights to support the optimal treatment of patients with chronic respiratory conditions.

access to medication

Patient access to medication

Remote patient monitoring enables the early identification of disease progresssion or changes in disease control, helping patients access newly indicated treatments without delay.

Real world health evidence

Real world health evidence

Unique insights from real-world patient data enable companies to develop in-depth market understanding and build robust phase IV evidence.

patient centered care

Patient-centred care

As a technology partner to specialist respiratory clinicians, we enable companies to support patient-centred care through innovative programmes or via healthcare provider collaboration.

Main features

Pharma experience

From market access and reimbursement to codes of practice and pharmacovigilance, our experienced team understand the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of the sector.

ipsen and boehringer ingelheim pharma experience
Bespoke specialised solutions

Bespoke specialised solutions

We work with organisations to develop digital solutions to meet their strategic objectives, whilst our focus in respiratory disease ensures your digital companion is specifically designed for the unique considerations of this therapy area.

Clinical safety

Our processes ensure the clinical safety of our services in accordance with relevant standards (i.e DCB 0129 and DCB 0160 in NHS settings).

nhs Clinical safety
Validated and trusted

Validated and trusted

Our solutions have been validated in clinical trials and are relied upon by specialist respiratory centres across multiple geographies to directly enable patient care.