What we do

Digital endpoints

Our platform enables the use of digital endpoints for clinical and real-world research, providing a patient-centric solution for the collection of real-time, high-quality data on specialised outcomes in respiratory indications.

home care specialist clinical trials

Home spirometry specialists

We understand the importance of spirometry quality. Our automated AI spirometry quality assessment reduces variability for research grade data collection.

Multiple endpoint data collection

Our solution enables eCOA / ePRO with questionnaires, connected medical devices, activity tracking and air quality data for the investigation of novel digital endpoints.

High patient engagement

When complete data-set collection is key, our platform provides automated features to support high patient engagement, with a demonstrated 89% patient adherence to daily home spirometry in clinical trials.

Main features

Selected by experts

Our platform has been selected by leading academics and research organisations to deliver highly specialised projects in respiratory health research.

end point strategy consultations

Endpoint strategy consultation

Drawing on our technical, scientific and digital transformation expertise, we work with organisations to develop programmes with endpoints that meet their strategic objectives.

Regulatory, safety and compliance certifications

We are certified under ISO 13485, ISO 27001, Cyber Essentials, DTAC and meet clinical safety standards such as DCB 0129.

Regulatory, safety and compliance certifications

Data quality

We capture reliable data from real-world settings. Objective and subjective data is collected from medical grade devices and from ePROs. Spirometry data quality is also ensured by automated assessments.