What We Do

Patient-centred healthcare through digital innovation

Our remote monitoring platform enables right-time, right-place care, empowering better outcomes and optimising use of healthcare resources


patientMpower is a specialist provider of digital health solutions. Established in 2015, our experience in pathway transformation spans clinical centres across the EU, UK and US.

Whilst respiratory care is a special focus, the patientMpower remote monitoring solution is fully configurable to enable digital care across multiple chronic and acute medical conditions. Check out our condition pages like ILD or Asthma for more details.


The patientMpower platform has been extensively tested in clinical trials and real-world use. Here’s just some of the outcomes reported – check out our clinical evidence page for more.


reduction in readmissions for heart failure


reduction in clinic visits for renal transplant


reduction in length of stay for cystic fibrosis


patients achieved clinically meaningful symptom improvement for COPD


adherence to home monitoring in interstitial lung disease


Co-designed with patients and clinicians, our platform meets the complex needs of healthcare services with an easy to use interface.

Fully configurable

Enables monitoring across multiple objective and subjective measures, fully configurable across patients’ conditions and care needs.

Device agnostic

Use your own preferred medical devices, or select from our carefully curated range of clinical-grade devices.

Patient tailored alerting

Automated alerts across multiple parameters set for each individual patient, not according to arbitrary thresholds.

Automated spirometry quality control

For confident clinical decision making in respiratory disease.

Inbuilt integration engine

For interoperability with electronic medical records and other systems.

Certifications and validations

patientMpower software is a class I registered medical device.