What we do

Heart Failure

Our easy to use remote monitoring platform gives you and your patients the confidence to manage heart failure at home. Tailored alerts enable early intervention in the community, reducing the need for readmission and out-patient visits

Early patient discharge

Oversee medication titration remotely, so patients can get back to their own homes sooner.

80% reduction in readmission

Identify issues requiring intervention early, before complications progress

Improve care access

Reduce the need for scheduled out-patient visits, reducing care burden for patients and families

Main features

Patient tailored alerting

For rapid identification of clinically relevant body weight, oxygen saturation, blood pressure or heart rate changes, tailored for each individual patient

Empower self care

With symptom tracking, medication adherence tracking, activity reporting and more

Multi-morbidity monitoring

Easy configurability and multi-pathway capability for monitoring of common patient co-morbidities

Simple and reassuring

Co-designed with patients, our app is easy to use and increases patient reassurance