What we do

Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD)

Our digital care platform has been designed with ILD clinicians and patient organisations to support specialised patient-centred care for interstitial lung disease. It also serves as a solution for multiple endpoint data collection for decentralised or hybrid research studies in ILD.

Patient-centred care

Data-enabled treatment decisions are made according to patient need, not as determined by the appointment review schedule.

Early prediction of disease progression

Frequent home spirometry enables more sensitive prediction of disease prognosis than periodic hospital based measurement.

Rapid identification of exacerbations

Automated alerting of lung function decline for earlier patient management.

Main features

Automated alerting

For rapid identification of exacerbations and other complications.

end point strategy consultations

More than home spirometry

Remote monitoring of oximetry, BP, weight, temperature, activity, dyspnoea, and patient-reported outcomes

Integrated spirometry quality validation

For confident clinical decision-making and definitive research findings.

High patient engagement

91% adherence to daily home monitoring.

High correlation with clinic spirometry

Across multiple fibrotic ILD subtypes.

It helps us identify if we need to see that patient in person. Patients know that the information has gone directly to their nurse or doctor – so they can have a better conversation about how they are feeling

Prof. Killian Hurley,

Respiratory Consultant, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin

Clinical and research partners in ILD

Patient engagement partners

Platform functionality

Integrated devices

Spirometry, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, body weight, temperature, activity tracking and more.

Patient reported outcomes

Inbuilt specialised ePRO including KBILD, IPF-PROM, and L-PF.

Platform features

Automated alerting, spirometry quality validation, 1MSTS, tailored educational content, and medication reminders.