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Introducing Individualised Alerts

By March 29, 2022No Comments

Aiding Rapid Identification of Complications through Patient Tailored Care 

We are delighted to be introducing a new feature for the patientMpower platform – individualised alerts.

This new patient-tailored feature means clinicians can now be alerted to health status changes which are outside of the expected range for each individual patient in their care. This is crucial for aiding the rapid identification of issues such as complications, exacerbations or progression in patients with pre-existing conditions.

This individualised approach goes a step beyond our pre-existing standardised alerting feature as it enables clinicians to set alerts that are tailored to the individual patients’ baseline or their particular monitoring needs. Alerts can be set across multiple parameters, including spirometry values, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature and body weight. Clinicians can choose to be notified of concerning measurements by SMS, email, voice call and/or within the patientMpower portal.

Individualised alerts have multiple applications in aiding rapid identification of issues using a patient-centred approach. The feature can alert clinicians of changes in patients with conditions where baseline parameters may already fall outside of the “normal” range, such as oxygen saturation deterioration in patients with CF. In patients with progressive disease such as ILD, alerts based on a percentage decline from baseline FVC can help with the early identification of issues which require further assessment, such as exacerbations or progression. It also allows for tighter alerting thresholds for patients with individual monitoring requirements – such as in the initial discharge period post lung transplant.

Case Study: Avoiding Hospital Admission for Patients with Heart Failure 

This new feature was extensively tested in clinical practice across a number of condition types prior to launch. In the Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise, Ireland, individualised alerts have already been helping with the early identification of fluid overload in patients with heart failure, enabling rapid treatment and helping avoid patient hospitalisation. Karen Kelly, candidate Advanced Nurse Practitioner, explains more:

“We use the patientMpower platform for remote monitoring of patients with heart failure. Sudden body weight increase is an important indicator of fluid overload in heart failure and all patients are educated on the importance of contacting their heart failure nurse with a sudden weight gain of 2-3kg in 2-3 days. However, due to fear of hospitalisation (heightened during COVID) and ‘not wanting to bother nurses’ many patients will wait until they are very symptomatic before calling. Early identification, and treatment, of fluid retention can lead to admission avoidance and improved quality of life. The individualised alert feature of the platform  facilitates early notification from a patients’ baseline body weight.  Following an alert we can contact the patient, discuss symptoms and if required titrate their diuretic treatment efficiently and effectively in the community and avoid potential admission and further complications.

“The alerting system of the patientMpower platform has also been really valuable in titration of medication and early identification of effects of same, including hypertension and hypotension. The alerts platform has facilitated safe and efficient virtual titration for many patients reducing their need to attend clinic.”

Clinicians who use the patientMpower portal can contact to learn more or to book a call using the link here. If you would like to learn more about the patientMpower platform can contact us here.