What we do

Lung transplantation

Our specialised digital platform is designed to meet the challenges of managing patient care for lung transplantation. It also provides a single solution for multiple endpoint data collection in decentralised or hybrid trial designs.

Patient centred care without the resourcing challenge

Optimise patient outcomes without time-consuming manual review of home monitoring data.

Early identification of complications

For rapid investigation of rejection, infection, hypertension, or weight change.

66% reduction in clinic visits

Reduce travel burden on patients, and release clinical resources for better care prioritisation.

Main features

Automated alerting

For early identification of rejection and other complications.

end point strategy consultations

More than home spirometry

Remote monitoring of oximetry, BP, weight, temperature, activity, dyspnoea, and patient-reported outcomes

Integrated spirometry quality validation

For confident clinical decision-making and definitive research findings.

High patient engagement

84% of patients surveyed reported remote monitoring provided reassurance and 100% wanted the program to continue

Our partners in lung transplantation

Platform functionality

Integrated devices

Spirometry, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, body weight, temperature, activity tracking and more.

Patient reported outcomes

Dyspnea (BORG scale), symptom diary, and medication adherence tracking.

Platform features

Automated alerting, spirometry quality validation, 1MSTS, tailored educational content, and medication reminders.