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Meet Kevin who uses patientMpower after his lung transplant due to IPF

By April 09, 2018May 1st, 2021No Comments

My name is Kevin Seals. I am 60 years old and live in Bone Gap, IL. I was diagnosed in October of 2012 with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF). I first noticed I had constant fatigue, chills, and leg cramps. I was unable to improve my jogging even after working out for six months.

On April 4th, 2015, I was given a second chance at life with a bilateral lung transplant.

I found the patientMpower app easy to set up on my phone. The first thing I do each morning is enter my weight, blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and three spirometer readings. I also enjoy having the step feature included too.

I did not contact my donor family for 2 years. I did not know what to say. We are only told the sex and age of donor.

Finally in the fall of 2017, I wrote to them. In a month, I had heard from my donor’s parents. They told us some of her life and that she had donated other organs too. My wife and I were very grateful to hear from them. My donors husband wrote to me in February of 2018. He told us he tried to write several times but didn’t know what to say. He also asked several of his wife’s friends to write letters too. We received six letters from my donors family all on the same day! She sounds as if she loved life, her daughter, and had many friends. We did learn her death was unexpected and she passed on her birthday. I’m forever grateful to her and will take good care of her lungs, especially with the patientMpower app.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients can download the patientMpower app for FREEfrom the App Store on Apple or on Google Play.

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