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Meet patientMpower user Cheryl Salazar

By January 21, 2018May 1st, 2021No Comments

My name is Cheryl Salazar and in 2016, three days before Christmas, I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

My diagnosis came about through a series of tests, scans and finally biopsy. For many days I was depressed and unable to get out of bed. My life had changed for the worse! All I could think was of my family, my children and the time I had left with them. How was I going to go on!

I started looking for programs and trials and tests and anything that could be of help for myself and others living with this terminal disease. After enrolling in pulmonary rehabilitation and attending support groups I learned of the patientMpower app and study trials they were developing. I got on board with them and immediately I felt in control. My disease was not managing my life, I was now managing my disease!

patientMpower provided me with the tools to manage my treatment and get access to my medical data. I was able to do home measurements and track my lung function with a spirometer. I could record appointments and keep a health journal. I’m also able to record my medications and I received reminders when to take them.

I embraced their community and completed health surveys. I set exercise goals. I am able to manage this disease with the tools that patientMpower has given me and the knowledge that they have empowered me with. I hope by using the tools and knowledge I’m learning with them we can gather new types of outcome data to help improve everyone’s understanding of IPF and hopefully improve the quality of life for myself and others. Knowledge is power!