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Live tweets from @patientmpower

@iain_MTWC presenting data on home spirometry variability and dyspnoea for #ipf @ImperialNHLI @EuroRespSoc @patientMpower #curePF #ERSCongress #mtwc

What a fantastic day at #ERS2023 - great to catch up with so many old friends!
And delighted to see presentations from so many of our collaborations. First up was the poster from a joint project with EurILDreg, here with pMp Health Outcomes Lead @borton_rebecca ......

@ArtiQHealth integration with @patientMpower has the potential to transform the acceptability of #homespirometry and our ability as #HCPs to use the data to guide clinical decisions with confidence

Fantastic as always to see @eamonncostello and @patientMpower team. We are super excited about the #HCP portal update and all the upcoming exciting developments!