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patientMpower and ArtiQ @ ATS 2022 Respiratory Innovation Summit


Leuven, Belgium, and Dublin, Ireland Friday May 13, 2022 – Ahead the ATS 2022 Respiratory Innovation Summit, which commences this evening in San Francisco, innovators ArtiQ and patientMpower confirm a new partnership in a move set to further expand the digital transformation of care for patients with chronic lung conditions. Both ArtiQ and patientMpower will feature in the ATS 2022 Respiratory Innovation Summit, an event hosted by the American Thoracic Society which unites the innovators, investors, clinicians and advocacy groups who are leading the charge to create powerful new treatments for deadly and crippling diseases of the lungs and airways. The ArtiQ patientMpower collaboration will see the ArtiQ.QC software integrated into the patientMpower digital care platform, providing automated quality control of home spirometry tests conducted via the patientMpower platform. 

patientMpower is a fast-growing provider of specialist virtual care solutions for lung conditions. Their aim is to empower patient-centered care for patients with respiratory conditions through digital innovation. The patientMpower digital care platform enables home monitoring of a variety of objective and subjective measures, including the assessment of patients’ lung function by home spirometry. It is vital that spirometry tests are performed correctly to avoid erroneous clinical conclusions. The ArtiQ.QC software instantly automates the quality control of the spirometry tests, removing the need for manual review of data quality. It is anticipated that integration of the ArtiQ.QC software into the patientMpower platform will increase the convenience and confidence of home monitoring, enabling more patients with lung conditions to access specialist healthcare without the need for hospital-based appointments.

The follow-up of patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, such as COPD, asthma and ILD, can be difficult and time-consuming for both patients and physicians. Spirometry is one of the most commonly used tests for monitoring patients with chronic respiratory disease – providing an assessment of patients’ lung function. Spirometry is an effort-dependent test, and when conducted in a clinic setting patients typically receive coaching on correct spirometry technique during the test.

Whilst this one-on-one specialist instruction is not possible with home spirometry, home monitoring offers many advantages. It improves patients’ access to specialist care whilst also increasing clinic capacity, reducing the need for out-patient visits by up to 66%. Perhaps even more importantly it enables a higher frequency of spirometry tests, identifying changes in patients’ lung function much earlier than hospital-based monitoring alone. It is of the utmost importance that the home spirometry is performed correctly to have usable data for patient follow-up and clinical decision making.

ArtiQ developed AI-based software, ArtiQ.QC, performs an immediate and automated spirometry quality assessment, evaluating the quality of the spirometry test based on the international guidelines (ATS/ERS 2019). This provides instant feedback which can help physicians decide if the test result is sufficient for follow-up decision making. It can also identify which patients may need retraining on correct spirometry technique. By integrating ArtiQ.QC into the patientMpower digital platform, patientMpower can confidently ensure the quality of home spirometry data to its users.

“This partnership is an important step forward for ArtiQ, it supports our growth into the world of digital healthcare and home monitoring solutions. Most importantly, it allows all the patientMpower digital platform users to trust the process of home monitoring even more.” said Marko Topalovic, CEO of ArtiQ.

Commenting, Eamonn Costello, CEO patientMpower said: “Our collaboration with ArtiQ is key in our commitment to enabling high quality specialist patient-centered care for individuals with chronic respiratory conditions. We know that home spirometry can improve patients’ access to care and can identify complications or disease progression months before hospital spirometry. But we recognise that in order to make clinical decisions based on the results of home tests healthcare professionals must be confident in the accuracy of those results – this is exactly what ArtiQ’s software can provide. Increased confidence with home spirometry will almost undoubtedly lead to further digital transformation of care within the respiratory specialty.”

By joining forces the two companies bring together ArtiQ’s expertise in respiratory AI and patientMpower’s experience in respiratory specialty virtual care solutions to improve the care of patients with chronic lung conditions.


About ArtiQ

ArtiQ is a young, dynamic, and innovative spin-off company of the University of Leuven (Belgium). The company was founded in early 2019 by four committed founders with an extensive history in respiratory medicine, medical devices, and artificial intelligence. ArtiQ’s mission is to empower medical professionals with artificial intelligence to accurately and timely diagnose, treat and follow-up patients with lung diseases.

About patientMpower

patientMpower is a digital healthcare company providing specialist healthcare technology solutions for the virtual care of patients with respiratory conditions. The patientMpower platform combines home monitoring of objective and subjective measures, patient-tailored insights and alerting features to enable clinicians to deliver high quality patient-centric specialist care and empower patients to better manage their own conditions. Their technology is used by specialist centres, in both clinical care delivery and in clinical trials, across Europe and the US.