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patientMpower Launches New Lung Transplant Tracking Platform

By April 17, 2018May 1st, 2021No Comments

patientMpower is delighted to announce the release of our new platform; patientMpower for Lung Transplant.

In January 2018, patientMpower was one of three overall winners of the $1,000,000 IPF Catalyst Challenge. The Lung Transplant platform is the first new app release from patientMpower made possible by their share of the $1M IPF Catalyst Challenge.

This month, April, is US National Donate Life month, and is a time to give thanks to those who have saved lives through the gift of organ donation. A lung transplant is indeed a life-saving gift. If you have already received a lung transplant, or if you are preparing to have a lung transplant in the future, you will of course want to do all you can to make your lung transplant a success.

patientMpower has worked with lung transplant specialists and recipients to build a solution tailored to the complex needs of people who have received a lung transplant. It is important that patients are monitored very closely by their healthcare team after a transplant to detect any potential problems as early as possible. Keeping track of lung health measures is crucial in improving outcomes after a lung transplant.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant is a mobile platform which enables patients to keep track of everything relating to their health after a transplant and share this information with their healthcare team in real time. patientMpower links to integrated monitors (spirometer and oximeter) to track lung function and oxygen saturation. It allows patients to track and share their health data including temperature, medication use, breathlessness and activity as well as being able to set medication reminders and receive air quality and weather alerts.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant enables patients to take control of their life after their transplant, empowering them to get the best possible outcomes from their treatment and care. The ability to share your data with your healthcare team in real time offers the reassurance of close monitoring, and may even mean your doctors can reduce the frequency of your hospital visits if you are recovering well.

You can find out more about patientMpower for Lung Transplant here.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant is free for download from the Google Play store for android and the Apple App store for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).