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patientMpower Starts New Trial in Renal Dialysis

By November 21, 2018May 1st, 2021No Comments

We are delighted to have recently started a new trial with the patientMpower platform for renal dialysis. Together with researchers in Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland, we are examining how the patientMpower app can help people undergoing renal dialysis to better manage their fluid weight gain between dialysis sessions. The trial protocol is available on

People having renal dialysis are prone to fluid retention, which if not managed can lead to high blood pressure or possibly more serious conditions. Managing fluid balance between dialysis sessions can be a challenge.

It is not yet known whether smartphone apps could help people having renal dialysis. This new study, being conducted with Prof. Conall O’Seaghdha at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, will find out if using the patientMpower app to automatically record weight and blood pressure between dialysis sessions improves patients’ fluid management. Our solution uses an integrated weighing scales and blood pressure monitor, which links directly with the patientMpower app for quick and easy recording, along with other features such as medication reminders and a journal to record symptoms.

Renal dialysis is a potential new indication for the patientMpower platform due to the significant unmet need for proven self-management tools for people undergoing dialysis. Dr Colin Edwards, Chief Scientific Officer at patientMpower said “We believe in having a strong evidence base for our solutions. It is important that we examine the use of patientMpower in well-designed trials, because people with long term conditions have so much to manage and we want to develop really useful applications that empower patients to take control of their condition”.

The study will complete in early 2019 and we look forward to sharing the results in due course.

by Eamonn Costello