Asthma: Electronic peak flow recording using the patientMpower platform is a highly valuable tool in asthma management

ILD: Remote monitoring is acceptable and feasible for rural ILD patients & overcomes access barriers like time, distance, and travel costs.

Cervical dystonia: An observational study demonstrated DystoniaDiary, a bespoke electronic health journal for monitoring CD symptoms and treatment response, is useful and acceptable

Asthma: Study examining adherence to electronic home spirometry demonstrating use of the patientMpower platform is an effective method to assess treatment response

ILD: One year observational experience – demonstrating the accessibility and acceptability of our technology

ILD: Multi-centre study confirms feasibility and clinical utility of remote monitoring using the patientMpower platform as part of an ILD clinical service

Daily home spirometry performed via the patientMpower platform is feasible, reliable and is highly correlated with hospital spirometry

Prospective study demonstrating feasibility and acceptability of the patientMpower approach in combination with nurse-led care

ILD: A pilot study supported the feasibility and acceptability of home monitoring using the patientMpower platform

User Experience of patientMpower Electronic Health Journal for Pulmonary Fibrosis in Volunteers Recruited Via the PF Warriors Support Group