ILD: The REMOTE-ILD randomised controlled trial is assessing the clinical and health economic impacts of remote monitoring

Lung Transplant: SBRI funded RCT investigating clinical and health economic outcomes of digitally enabled right-time, right-place care

COPD: Researchers at Tallaght University Hospital are examining the effectiveness of a smartphone application self-management programme (using the patientMpower platform) on clinical health outcomes in patients with COPD

ILD: Researchers at Beaumont Hospital are examining the use of remote monitoring via patientMpower for the early identification of progression in connective tissue ILD

The European ILD registry is using patientMpower technology to track the lung function of patients enrolled in the registry

The Open Source Image Consortium (OSIC) are utilising patientMpower technology for Project OPUS

ILD: A prospective study to evaluate the impact of telenursing, with or without remote monitoring using patientMpower, versus usual care on patient outcomes

ILD: patientMpower technology is being used in the multicentre INJUSTIS study which is examining biomarkers and disease behaviour in ILDs, regardless of aetiology