Lung Transplant: A retrospective review of home spirometry quality in patients managed by the Royal Papworth Lung Transplant Service

Lung Transplant: Retrospective analysis of home spirometry quality to examine the optimal number of spirometry manoeuvres per session

CF: Remote monitoring with integrated spirometry quality control software can support spirometry coaching in a pediatric population

ILD: Longitudinal observation of patient engagement with a remote monitoring programme in two NHS Trusts

COVID-19: Case presentation of early detection of pulmonary embolism identified through use of patientMpower remote monitoring technology

COPD and Asthma: A proof of concept study demonstrating that a community virtual ward model facilitates care of patients with chronic respiratory disease and improves symptoms and health status

Lung Transplant: Engagement data in a 159 patient cohort managed at NYU Langone Health

Lung Transplant: A service evaluation of the programme running across NHS England sites

Clinical Experience at Ireland’s National Heart and Lung Transplant Centre

COVID-19: Clinical experience at St James’s Hospital, Dublin found remote monitoring using patientMpower technology aided early detection of deterioration and increased capacity