What we do

Empowering powerful research insights

With a single platform approach for the collection of a wealth of objective and subjective data, we remove barriers to patient study participation and generate powerful disease insights across multiple endpoints.

Research experience

The patientMpower platform is used by leading researchers and international disease registries, supported by a team with significant experience in trial design and delivery.

Data collection

The breadth of assessable data – from objective clinical parameters and PROs to activity levels and air quality – offers exciting possibilities for disease characterisation and endpoint validation.

High patient engagement

The patientMpower platform is designed to maximise patient engagement, with a demonstrated 89% patient adherence to daily home spirometry in clinical trials.

Main features

ePRO selection

We offer over 30 configurable patient reported outcome measures, including symptom measures and disease specific questionaries such as Living with PF, K-BILD, LCQ, VAS Cough, and CF-RSD, ensuring researchers can select an ePRO most relevant to their trial design.

Automated spirometry quality assessment

We provide integrated and automated spirometry quality validation to ERS/ATS standards. Real-time patient feedback ensures optimal technique and reduces variability for high-quality data collection.

Patient reminders

We provide automated participant reminders to ensure patient-recorded data is collected as per protocol, enabling researchers to select decentralised or hybrid trial designs without comprising on data integrity.

Data analysis

We offer real-time data management and reporting expertise, and eCOA system integrations, to help ensure protocol compliance and improve patient safety.