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Spirometer usage post Lung Transplant

By October 24, 2018May 1st, 2021No Comments

We carried out a survey of Lung Transplant recipients in collaboration with the Lung Transplant Foundation, to ascertain usage of spirometers to perform Pulmonary Function Testing post transplant.  Home Spirometry is a useful instrument that can measure lung function and help to monitor the progress of lung transplantation and aid in early detection of transplant rejection.

62.5% of people performed spirometry at home, with a significant number of these performing it daily.

Of those performing spirometry, none of the users had the ability to send the data automatically to their phone, or their healthcare team.

While the vast majority of users would welcome the ability to share their data with their healthcare team automatically and to have their anonymized health data used to help improve outcomes in Lung Transplantation.

patientMpower for Lung Transplant is a mobile platform which enables patients to keep track of everything relating to their health after a transplant and share this information with their healthcare team automatically.  We are working with a number of leading Lung Transplant centers to implement our technology to improve efficiency in gathering patient data, and patient outcomes by providing tools to identify issues earlier than the current standard of care.

by Eamonn Costello