What we do

Virtual wards

We provide a fully configurable platform to support virtual ward or hospital@home programmes across multiple patient pathways, with an inbuilt integration engine for interoperability with electronic medical records and other digital solutions. Our experience spans acute respiratory, cardiac, renal, and geriatric medicine; at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic our solution enabled the home management of ~10,000 patients.

Reduce hospitalisation

Enables early patient discharge or avoids admission, enabling patients to recover at home whilst releasing service capacity for others.

Early identification of complications

Patient tailored alerting across multiple parameters ensures potential complications are identified early, for rapid patient triage.

patient centered care

Patient-centred care

Individualised monitoring, with clinical oversight, for patient-centred care and reassurance.

Main features

Fully configurable

Enables monitoring across multiple objective and subjective measures, fully configurable across patients’ conditions and care needs.

Device agnostic

Use your own preferred medical devices, or select from our carefully curated range of clinical-grade devices

Patient tailored alerting

Automated alerts across multiple parameters set for each individual patient, not according to arbitrary thresholds.

Inbuilt integration engine

For interoperability with electronic medical records and other systems.

Full customer support

For rapid resolution of patients and clinicians technical queries