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Why we ask for your ethnicity

By October 27, 2017May 1st, 2021No Comments

For Pulmonary Fibrosis and Kidney disease ethnicity is an important factor in being able to calculate certain parameters.

For Pulmonary Fibrosis patients, ethnicity affects predicted pulmonary function values. Therefore your ethnicity may be of interest for our research partners to improve IPF treatments, and you can optionally fill this in. Remember no data which identifies you personally is shared with any research organisations.

For Kidney Patients, we ask for ethnicity as so we can calculate your Kidney Function from Creatinine measurements. See this page from the US National Institutes of Health on how Kidney Function is calculated. If you enter Creatinine measurements and do not fill in Ethnicity (along with date of birth and sex), you won’t be able to see your calculated Kidney Function.